International Day Against DRM — May 4, 2012

After seeing a post from Dave on g+ (

I wanted to see what the interest would be in participating in this. I would like to not only bring some awareness on the site about how harmful DRM is but also demonstrate how to remove DRM during the 2600 event also planned for that day at Hive13. I figure we could focus on ebook DRM removal. This isn’t something I’ve done a lot of but how hard could it possibly be :wink:

Would anybody else be interested in participating in this event?


I'd be interested too. I actually have some experience removing
Adobe's ADEPT DRM (for scientific purposes) and could demo it.


I'll be there. Aside from some recreational PDF DRM removal, I'm largely
illterate. Love to see more.
-Dave B.

I’d be game to check this out myself (for Scientific advancement of course)

Ok, it's official then. Even posted directly on the FSF site:

I don't have "official" confirmation from 2600 so if there is some kind of
issue with including the cnici2600 reference let me know and I'll remove it.

Looking forward to this event!

Does anyone have a Meet-up Account ad want to post about it there as well
would be cool to get more non-tech people in to explain why DRM is bad.


at 2600 i can revive my old anti-DRM talk from a couple of years ago.