Interested in new 7.2V rechargeable batteries?

I have access to about a dozen NEW 7.2v 1100mAh rechargeable batteries that I can drop off at the HIVE if anyone is interested.

Just let me know…



What type of charger would they require?


Something like this would probably be the ticket:

Chargers for the various battery types are pretty trivial to make. I would be more than happy to put one together for you while I am here if you don't do circuits at all. The parts are probably all in the space and if not debco will have them on the shelves.


I have no idea. A buddy pulls them out of access systems and replaces them with larger batteries. They have never been used and he asked if I know of anyone that can use them. Hopefully someone with more experience can chime in on NiMH charging options.


Ah, then you would want a ltc4060 circuit. The chip runs about $7 from digikey. But you can buy a universal nimh nicad charger for around $20 online.


I would take 2-3 for robotics :slight_smile:


I would also take a few, I can easily think of projects where those batteries would come in handy.

I dropped off 21 batteries at the HIVE yesterday, so everyone that indicated they wanted a few should be covered. (there are extras for people that might change their mind) They are in a small box on the tables where we have our Tuesday meetings. (wasn’t sure of a better place to leave them)



Thanks Ed, you’re positively charged!