Interest in Vaping?

Hello all! So I recently became interested in vaping and just bought myself a small starter kit. I eventually want to work my way up to mechanical mods, but I for one have no experience with vaping or the workings of them… yet. I added a tally on the door to the hive to see if anyone was interested in it as well, and we have at least 5 people interested as of last i checked. So I went and talked to the owner of Favorite Vapors (they recently moved, but are still on Ludlow, closer to the fire station) the other day, and I suggested maybe teaching a class at the hive. He seems very interested. So I thought I’d send a shout out on the mailing list and at the Tuesday meeting to see who would be interested in attending.

For those who want a bit more information, here’s a small guide on it:

We can have the class either at the hive or on Ludlow, whichever works for us (Ludlow can only comfortably sit 8 people, but we have access to all their supplies. The hive has more space, but limited vaping supplies) I figure we would start with an introductory course at first, see how popular it is, and then go into mechanical mods, or whatever else we want to learn or he’s willing to teach.

So is there anyone interested?