Interest in the specifics of forming an Ohio LLC?


Is there any interest if there was an upcoming workshop (or meeting
presentation and/or a wiki web page?) on forming an Ohio Limited
Liability Corporation (LLC)?

For the record, HIVE13 is registered as a 501(c)3 Federal non-profit
organization. However, the diverse capabilities of our assorted
members could lead to individual start-ups and spin-offs so this might
be a topic of general interest within the group.

I have been looking into the details on the Ohio state website and
other web references and the process does not seem too complicated or

Several of you have already gone through this process. Would you be
willing to share some specifics and advice from your experience with
me so that I can compile such a workshop, meeting presentation, or web
page later this summer or into the fall?


I’d sign up yes. May also be able to drag in a small business owner or two to participate.

this is relevant to my interests.

I’ve gone through this. I can help. It’s pretty damn easy. $125 for LLCs and I think $50 for DBAs. Takes a week or two, no big deal.


I’d definitely be interested, but could only attend if it was this fall.

In one of my college business-leaning courses the prof suggested that every one of his students get an LLC, just to have for a rainy day, essentially.

So, I’d definitely like to follow-up on this as well …

Also interested.

This is relevant to my interests. I might not go through with anything
yet, but some information from people who have actually done it would
be invaluable.

Hi All,

I’ll be moving back to Cincinnati this fall and going through the LLC process for my startup (Nonolith Labs.)

If anyone is interested in following along as I go through the LLC filing process, and/or guiding me as I do so, let me know.

Assuming the previous people who posted to this thread are still interested, it may be worthwhile to make this a September/October event.


seconded as i will be in startup mode this sept/oct as well.

This is just an update to keep this thread alive. There is lots of
interest. We definitely have plans to follow through on conducting an
LLC formation workshop series in the fall. It will likely start in

Stay tuned for details.

In the mean time, we will be soliciting inputs from those in the HIVE
that have already formed their LLCs. Reply to this author off-line if
you have interest to participate in the survey and share your