interest in mini photo light box for Hive?

recently I was thinking I’d like to be able to take some professional-looking pics of 3D prints and other small objects I’ve made. A mini photo studio /light box would be ideal for this purpose, for example a ShotBox or Limostudio.

Is this something other Hive members would use? There are plenty of low-end and high-end options, including DIY…ShotBox is on the more expensive side at $163 for full kit, but it has advantages of built-in lighting and being very quick to fold up for storage.

Or is it just me, and I should get my own? :slight_smile:


I like the idea

I’d be willing to chip in a bit of money to get a reasonably decent one.

I bet we could make a pretty nice one.



Probably could make a nice one! Always a question of spending time vs spending $…I’d lean towards spending $ on this one, since I don’t think you would actually save much after purchasing equivalent lighting, backdrops, etc for DIY.

I would chip in money to buy one. Or call a vote for Hive purchase if there is enough interest?


i see them on the auction site all the time…

I would be interested in one! I will chip in some money towards one!

I made mine out of foam core and the results don’t completely suck.

Marcus those photos do look nice!

I’m interested in using a somewhat fancier setup that lets you get strong lighting from multiple sides…I was poking around looking at options a bit more, and I am still liking the Shotbox for easy setup, use, and storage. I think the easier it is to use, the more use it will get at the Hive…

On a side note, a lot of these setups are designed for compatibility with cell phones. It seems that a lot of the newer generation cell phone cameras can take excellent pictures if you have excellent lighting.


Yeah, I wasn’t seriously suggesting a foamcore lightbox for the hive, I was just sharing how cheap you can get and using the excuse to show the funny picture of my cat. It folds down flat for storage, but is kind of a pain to put together each time. And to actually take clean pictures with it, I had to add a lot more light sources than shown, which gets a little crowded.

Is size a concern at all? I don’t really have a horse in this race, (I’d be happy to help build a photo rig, though I have no use for one) but my knee-jerk reaction to the shotbox was that it was tiny compared to the build capacity of even the Ultimaker.

  • Ry

The shotbox interior is 14.5"x15"x15"…so substantially bigger than the ultimaker build capacity, but certainly not huge. It could not take glamour shots of power tool drag racers, for example…

It seemed sufficient for what I want to do, but certainly if a bigger one would get used more–I’m not opposed!


Is there a larger version of the one you are considering Mike?

Again, if we do purchase one. I will definitely throw money in.

I have been using a do-it-yourself setup for a few years with two or three light sources and a curved peice of poster board. It works, but I would love an upgrade.

The shotbox brand currently only has the 1 size. However, Litebox has a similar product that’s 24" ^3:

Looks like this could be a good choice, main downside vs shotbox would be slower to assemble/disassemble for storage.