Interest in Inkscape Vector Drawing Class

Hello everyone,

I'm plan to teach a class on Inkscape Wednesday, July 13 at Hive. For
those not familiar with Inkscape it is a vector drawing program much
like Adobe Illustrator but freeware and open source. I've taught
Inkscape classes in a high school setting for 7 years so yet another
class shouldn't be much of a problem. Also Inkscape files are
compatible with the laser cutter. The class will probably be the
standard rate $20 for nonmembers and $10 for members and people will
need to bring a laptop if you want to participate.

There are a few things that have to be done before it is 100%
officially that date. However, I'd like to see how much interest there
is in a class like this from you all.

Also Do you all prefer video tutorials or web page (pictures and
writing) tutorials as supplementary materials with the class?

Inkscape Website:

Personal Website:

My old makeshift tutorial website:

Best regards,


I’m in. I’d personally prefer web/write over video.
Putting on calendar now.

Let me know when you are ready to post the event brite info. I will be out of town during the class but I can get everything setup. I just need the official description for the class and any materials you want the students to print (laptop, etc) Also times of the class.


Oh I should also mention that when I setup a event brite class it advertises on their network as well. We often get people outside of the Hive for classes. So if you want we can go ahead and publish the class and give a minimum signup for the class to proceed if you want.

Just a suggestion.


I'm ready to post event brite info for the Inkscape vector drawing
class. Here is the description:

Inkscape Vector Drawing Class

Wednesday July 13,
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

$10 Members
$20 Nonmembers

Inkscape is a vector drawing program much like Adobe Illustrator but
freeware and open source. Come and learn techniques of this robust and
versatile program. Beginner to advanced users are welcome.

Laptop is required for this class.

Download Inkscape here:

I registered for the class.

For future reference, what is the coupon code for the member discount? I don’t want a refund for the full price or anything - the hive can keep my $10 this time. :slight_smile:


You registered too fast…beat me before I sent out the email :slight_smile:

Also, if you are a hive member and do not get the discount code in your email then email me and I’ll send it to you. You must be an active member to use the discount code.


Hello again,
How might I add a blog post to the Hive13 website or add the class to
the Hive13 events. I've already registered with the Hive13 blog
wordpress but did not receive a confirmation e-mail.


I will check your account and hit you up directly.

Signed up. I will be there!

Just a gentle reminder to those that don't know about the class. It
will be coming up this week. For those that have taken or will take
the laser class, Inkscape files work well for designing stuff to be
cut/etched with the laser cutter.

Well, interestingly, your class ended up having almost immediate
benefit to me for some basically unrelated things. I needed to make
some charts and diagrams at work a day or two after the class, and
Microsoft Word's diagram editor was just horrid... then I remembered
what you'd covered about Inkscape, and nearly all the techniques and
operations you went over remained applicable. I was able to very
quickly draw everything... I guess I had just never thought of using
Inkscape for it.