Intel Automotive Hackathon

I know it’s short notice but there is a hackathon for some upcoming Intel automotive equipment. Travel and expenses would be paid for if you are interested in attending. Flyer attached.

You can contact me if interested or send an email directly to and mention you heard about it from OpenGarages.

Automotive Security Workshop.pdf (120 KB)

This is right down my alley as a mechanic I might get ahold of this guy and see what is up with it.

Car hacking. The goal is to hack a test vehicle system that Intel has come up with using CANbus access.

You can use more than CAN bus. Any attack is basically valid it just needs to be against their equipment on-site.

I sent them an email to get more information about the event and included that hacking is not my forte however working with the canvas protocol over the years for diagnostics work has been the norm from a mechanics standpoint and knowing what sensors do what on the outputs. If I get any information back I will let you all know . hopefully if there is anyone from the hive that is good on the hacking end it could be a funniest trip for us. Especially if all expenses are covered lol

Yeah free trip to SD :slight_smile:

Just make sure you say your with Open Garages. I know they have a few seats open so hopefully anyone who wants to get in and start playing will be able to.

Fyi, I will not be there but it’s an open hackathon so hacking skill shouldn’t matter much but I would talk things like taking stuff apart or security.

Hey Craig,

Would this be a good opportunity to learn about this stuff as well? I moved to Los Angeles and I’d love to do this.

Yeah but it is a limited amount of seating and they will be picking who they will send in. So they will have to choose and they will lean on people who they think can find issues. So just show other work you have done that maybe helpful when contacting them.

shadoxx maybe come at it from the coder side?.. once someone breaks in - then seciding what nastiness you can put in? reverse the gas pedal on a drive by wire? stall the engine when it goes over 65mph or below 35? etc…

Nancy, depending on the manufacturer of car it may already do that to begin with lol