Input needed on policy changes in regards to member conduct

Hive13 members,

At the 05.08.2023 board meeting, it was discussed that better and more transparent policies in regards to handling and mitigating rule violations are needed. Specifically, leadership is looking to implement a sliding scale of consequences to the following observed topics: safety violations, guest policy violations, and violations relating to respect/general misuse of the space.

What we’re asking for from membership is discussion on what you think should be a part of the planned update to policy. We would like to know what corrections to violations you feel would be appropriate for the actions listed above. Please keep in mind that the Hive is a volunteer-run space—while ideas like “getting suspended on a certain machine after x misuses” should be included in the discussion, please keep in mind the feasibility of your suggestion.

Please thread all discussion under this Slack message/Discourse thread—and thank you for your participation.

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It’s important to say that our concern is with keeping each other safe, and helping our community of makers to grow and thrive.
It is not our intent to set a trap with surprise consequences.

The Hive13 Membership Agreement includes our Code of Conduct*. This is good stuff, but it doesn’t remind you to use a ladder instead of climbing on a stool. Or to wear eye protection.

Or any of the other many things that go into safe use of Hive13 tools and workspace. Yes, signs can help. Wiki pages can help.

However, we can’t make a rule or sign for every possible thing one can do. *

Because Hive13 is an all volunteer organization it’s important for each and every member to look out for each other.

Hive13 works because we work together and trust each other to do the right thing.

Help keep workspaces clean and orderly. Take out the trash. If you see something, say something. Do something to help.

One gram of prevention is worth a Kilogram of cure.

All that takes communication. We want to improve communication about what it takes to be a good Hive13 community member.
And we trust you all will help.


Here’s a typed version of the notes from our discussion at last night’s meeting.