Informal Non-Coordinated Ad-Hoc Christmas Hangout

It has been tossed out that while we will not be having a big planned christmas shebang it would still be fun to get together and hang out for the holidays. For the last couple meetings we have decided to just throw out the date December 30th as the information, non-coordinated, non-official ad-hoc come down to the Hive and hang out night.

It will be bring your own booze & snacks, bring whatever projects you want to work on, bring friends. Even if nobody else shows up I am planning on being there just to work on projects or hang out, I have not decided what time I will be coming down but it will probably be around 5-6 pm.

So summary:
Non denominational, informal, non-coordinated, disorganized, ad-hoc Hive13 christmas hangout @ Hive13, come down whenever you feel like, I am planning on being there ~6:00 pm.

I hope folks aren’t mad that I didn’t coordinate anything. I sent two e-mails and only got one response, so I concluded that the interest wasn’t there in an organized gathering.

Nope not mad, at the last couple meetings it was tossed out that we
should just decide on a day and people can come on down if they have
time. I figured that since the last couple meetings have been lightly
attended I should probably let the rest of the group know what
discussion was happening.

The whole non-coordinated ridiculousness was my feeble attempt at a

I should be in town on the 30th. Some eggnog is in the fridge that can
be opened if anyone shows up and is interested...

And I am assuming that this eggnog is pre-spiked for our drinking pleasure?

I’ll be out of town but I’ll keep my eye open for drunken g+ hive13 hangouts… :smiley:

I supposed being a traditional eggnog recipe it is "pre-spiked". It's
rather strong, so I should probably get some whipped cream or milk or
something to cut it a bit upon serving.