Informal Arduino Workshop - Saturday, July 22 at 2:00 PM

All -

It was mentioned at this week’s meeting that I’d hold a for-fee Arduino class this Saturday at 2:00. For various silly reasons, I’ve not managed to rewrite a course syllabus worthy of such fees this week.

Rather than continually delaying, I’m just going to proceed with less planning. So, I’ll be at the Hive tomorrow with my bag of tricks for anyone that would like a kickstart on rudimentary Arduino setup and programming. I’ve probably got enough bits and bobs to get 5 or 10 people going concurrently, but bringing your own laptop would be a good idea.

No charge, but of course also there will also be no hardware to take home that evening.

If you’re already capable of blinking lights and turning motors with the Arduino… if you’ve already worked through the included example code or used a library… this probably won’t be a learning experience. But feel free to appear and help others.

  • Ry

Also, don’t worry about missing this if you have other plans. I’m aiming at doing this at least monthly henceforth.

  • Ry

Sweet, I’m down. I’ll bring my own box of components to fry. I am in the mood to make some bad-ass blinky lights!


I’m not sure I’ll make it or not (depends on family stuff), but I’d really like to!

I’m going to try to do my best to be down there at 2. I don’t have a reliably working laptop, unfortunately, but since I am in need to get in on this on the ground level, I’ll take anything you are willing to teach.

Tim W.

I’ll have a spare computer or two. The Raspberry Pi 3 is also on the cusp of being fast enough for general workstation use now. I’ll demo setting one up as an Arduino programmer.

  • Ry