Info on drive cloning software

I have a dual dock station like the one at live at the main computer on the workstations. I have never used the clone feature on it before and did not know if it will automatically format the drive to the same format the other Drive is or if it is better to use software to clone the drive. My end result of what I am attempting to do is clone software and firmware that is on a DVR hard drive from Cincinnati Bell fioptics and copy it onto another Drive because I believe mine has been acting flaky. I figured it was worth a shot before having to schedule some all day crap shoot with a tech coming out to the house as that will likely get me nowhere.
On a side note I noticed though I bring up the 10 x 2 internet connection they currently have and I did not know if fioptics from Cincinnati Bell is available in that area or not yet but my speeds have been ridiculously fast with there 50×15 service I believe it is work close to that, but the price was the same for what I was paying for the BS Time Warner stuff. I didn't know anyone's thoughts on that?

I have never used a hard drive dock to clone drives, but I would assume it does a simple bit-for-bit copy unless there is some intermediary software. I've always just used dd for those sorts of things.

On the topic of Fioptics, apparently it has been looked into as an option for us and the response from Cincinnati Bell was a resounding 'nope'.

- Ian B.

Right now, we have a 10x2 + static IP for $65/month special that is no longer offered. This was my old business connection that I transferred into the hive’s name after I switched to Gig fioptics at the house.

Internet problems:1. Space is zoned COMMERCIAL not residential so you cannot get individual/personal service here. Basically, this boils down to a racket from the ISPs. A possible solution to this would be to get one of the tenants (Rob?) to pay for internet in his name and then pay them for it.
2. Cincinnati Bell does not have fiber run to the building. I think the build-out costs were quoted at $15K ish or so last time I inquired. Without a fiber build-out, there is only shit DSL available due to the old crappy copper run to the building. Also note - like TW, CBell charge significantly more for BUSINESS service compared to residential.
3. Business class service is STUPID fucking expensive. We can get faster service from Time Warner, if we’re willing to pay. To give you an idea from the last time I had to get service quoted (Fall 2015) for my CPAs:
"Internet only - monthly

10x1 - $110

12x1.5 - $140

15x2 - $170

35x5 - $299

50x5- $349

Internet & Phone (unlimited local/long distance)- monthly

10M - $99 + $30 Phone Lines

12M - $120 + $30 Phone Lines

15M - $145 + $30 Phone Lines

(below are unadvertised promos I am able to offer until Sunday)

15x2 - $80 + 30 Phone Lines

35x5 - $200 + 30 Phone Lines

50x5 - $250 + 30 Phone Lines"

With both TW and CBell, business class connections supposedly get better bandwidth, i.e. higher prioritized packets. I still don’t see that being worth the price premium.

Hope that helps.


so anyone have any tricks to get cincy bell fioptics service without using their modem? from everything I see, even if you aren’t using their modem they still charge you a per month modem fee. is that correct?

For a direct fiber line, (or any FTTP) I’m pretty sure they have to rent the hardware, since the ONT cannot be controlled/configured by the customer (I’m fuzzy on the pricing, but usually they are $500+ anyway). So there’s really no option afaik when it comes to “real” fiber.

Note: If fioptics splits to DSL, then there’s no reason they can’t waive the fee…


Gabe is mostly right.

FTTH (i.e. real fioptics - fiber to the home, not DSL branded as fioptics) you have a ONT that has fiber going in and typically 4x gig ethernet going out. If you have Fioptics TV, you will have additional Zyxel modem(s) which pull the TV signal out. Then the set top boxes themselves. If you have static IP, they give you a Zyxel modem and claim that you MUST use it to get static IP, but you don’t need to. Mine is currently sitting gathering dust as they will NOT accept you giving it back to them to get out of their modem charge. It’s bs but whatever it’s bell.


We have a sweet deal from Dave B. Thanks Dave.

Don’t do CBell DSL - much poorly managed. I have had both DSLs, {copper} and Cincy Bell ran at about 30kB most of the time (they also do not respond or care if you’re going that slow since 10 x 2 is a “max speed”) and TW does actually try to hold to the 10 x 2 spec and mostly does.

Cable modems have to be under ISP control. If you mess with them too much they cut off service. You CAN buy your own modem and not pay the extra fee. Just buy a modem listed by the provider on ebay. They’ll still reset any overclocking hacks, though (proprietary agreement with manufacturers I guess – too lazy to really care about it).

If you need to transfer a crap ton of stuff fast once or twice you can visit my office sometime and do it. My computers run to a nice GB switcher across the hall and are directly connected to the information super highway tubes. It’s pleasantly in the GB/sec range.*


If we go with cable, I have a Motorola surfboard I bought in Baltimore that I’m willing to donate. Even though it’s just DOCSYS 2 compliant, it actually slightly outperformed the new modem they supplied (26 Mbps super stable, when I was paying for 25). TWC used to run the same (or very similar) model in town, so it should work here as well, up to 50meg or so.


*Correction, actually 42/30meg max

The drive duping stations I have worked with are significantly constrained
by hardware. Essentially most of them are meant for speed and not hardware
support, so they clone one drive to the exact same model of drive. Often
they can do multiple drives at the same time which is where the speed comes
in to play.

If you are looking to go from one drive to a different (usually larger)
drive I recommend using software. Clonezilla is a free and easy to use tool
for this sort of thing.

Thank you for all the support guys I will definitely give the software option a try over the clone option on the docking stations

So I have finally optics and they run the ether net cable on after converting the fiber to rj45 from what I have read is that you can place a switch in and get 4 ips I haven't tried this yet but if you plug that rj45 cable into any router / wireless router you can use that instead of there router and save a few bucks a month that is what I have done at my house and it works great
Hope this helped
Doc willey

Doc, were you able to get them to take their router back? They flat out told me they would not take the router back because it was “required” for my connection. I’d love to not pay the router fee.