Info for people wanting to scan their own cars!

I know I have talked about this with a lot of people down at the hive about using an andoid device running just mainly the app torque pro from the Google play store to not only scan a check engine light but be able to read all sensor data as well. Along with all of that data you can really play around with things and keep track of things from fuel economy trends, to seeing issues with the car that the check engine light will not come on for but things just aren't right issues. With the help of some awesome people at the hive who helped me out with my tablet needs for my stuff, I would like to pass that favor on and show people how to work this stuff. I went ahead and ordered 6 extra Bluetooth adapters that plug into you cars port and feed your device live data. The people I get them from only charge 4 to 5 dollars for them vs. the same Bluetooth adapter running 70 to 100 bucks most places.
The adapters are supposed to be at my house late April and anyone who would like one and want to see how to use it we can get a date together. It works on almost every vehicle made 96 and newer. If more people are interested than extra adapters I ordered it can be taken care of easily, I can order more or give you the link to ones that work good. I will also bring the Android waterproof borescopes down to play with as well. As always thanks again to those who helped me out with this when I asked for help with the tablets!

I bought one of the cheapo OBD scanners if someone just wants to get a code off.

I’ll let you play around we with one of these when my new batch shows up brad. That is if your running android lol but I have friends we who run them because you can see the actual air fuel curve live, all sensor values, engine load percentage, etc. And for people looking at using them for performance diagnostics it will display manifold pressure (really helpful for cars with turbos) also when it reads codes they did have a link in the one software that gave you the probably component failure for the code for the non generic miss fire on a certain cylinder. I still carry my “regular” scanner as well all the time however the majority of vehicles doing throttle control electronically instead of the good Ole throttle cable lol this newer stuff can be a pain sometimes.

I’d be interested in one of those scanners.

Cool I’ll end up keeping track of everyone and as soon as they come in I will let people know.