In need of a chromecast , chromecast like device

My chromecast fried :frowning: and my main tv where I'm taking it easy with the foot is not a smart tv and I'm needing a casting device to be able to do Netflix, hulu, youtube, etc. If anyone happens to have a spare they would like to sell or know of anywhere that sells them other than brand new at Walmart basically I would appreciate it. I smelled the main smoke smell but did not see it however it will not power up in anyway I'm thinking the usb power adapter went bad and took it with it was that does not work either. I will he at the meeting tomorrow night. Thank you in advance for any advice on what's better or the same for cheaper....or you have one you no longer use to sell lol.

I have a spare but I’m in Maine. If you want to wait, you can have it when I get back Friday.

I can wait just shoot me an email when you get back and how much you want for it. Thank you for the response!

Have it like come get it not have it like come pay for it. I’ll be back late thursday.

Thank you dave!