I'm stepping down as VP/Membership Officer

Good afternoon. I’m afraid that I am resigning my position as VP/Membership Officer. Unfortunately, life has thrown me a few curveballs lately and I am not able to give my time and attention to Hive13 matters. I am fully engaged with life outside of the Hive and I do not want to do a half hearted attempt at the position. I am sorry to leave so soon into my term - I fully expected to be able to devote my time to the Hive this year. I have a strong desire to help our members in any way that I can. I will remain a member and hope to see you around soon. Thank-you for understanding.

Thank you for all that you have done for Hive13. You will be missed.
Take care of yourself as well as your family.
We hope to see you around and making things whenever you can.