I'm setting up a workstation for us


I am bringing in the computer I put together for 3D work and game development. It is fairly powerful with a very nice graphics card. It could help with CAD, animation, motion capture, etc. The was purchased with class / lab budget for my students collaborating with hive. The monitor is on loan from UC. It is for general use as long as it's here, but FYI that it is on extended loan.

The monitor is here now. I will bring the tower tomorrow. It should be useful for everyone. I will also clear some space for it to live.

Oh and I have put some games on it, so have fun...



That reminds me, I have a saitek x52 flight control system that’s not being used too often. I could bring it down to compliment your computer for flight simulator games or a few mech games.

I have a Nostromo macro keypad I can donate (if I can find it) :nerd_face: