I'm a new member, what machines require certifications?

Hey everyone,

I recently started paying dues to Hive13 and I’m excited to start working on some projects. I’d like to start with some basic woodworking and was curious what machines require “safety and basic use” training? Also I remember hearing something about members being allowed to bring guests, are the guests allowed to use the machines too? Last question, is there an access code to get into the building?


Hi Cody,
have you received a key card to access the space yet? Most of the equipment that requires training states such in the wiki. Off the top of my head, the welder, laser cutter, and gigabot for sure. Not sure about wood working equipment. Guests are permitted as long as they sign the waiver upon entering the space. Any guests are your responsibility. I’m sure others will fill in any gaps I’ve missed.

Ok, cool I’ll check the wiki.

And nope I have not received a key card.

OK, make sure you get a key card at the Tuesday meeting, or if someone is at the space now that could get you one - check the irc channel

Hi Cody,

I've noted your several posts and pardon my delay to reply. I'm one of several with woodworking experience at the HIVE. I'm too often preoccupied with my own goals, but look me up at an upcoming meeting and we can talk about what you are looking to do.

This should not be a surprise, but recognize that formal "Certification" is a historic challenge for a volunteer organization such as us. We put those words out there as a precaution. The tools can be dangerous, and yet they are there to be used safely, with courtesy to all. As general rule, we don't want inexperienced members causing harm to themselves or the equipment due to lack of knowledge. The rub is that we are all volunteers and not paid high school shop class instructors.

It all goes to expectations. The HIVE is all about safely SELF-learning in a supporting environment. We can give you a general awareness of safety and operational details and there are such web references out there already. We can also offer occasional comments and advice on your specific intended cuts and set ups. Just have the right expectations. It takes time to get fully familiar and proficient with what individual tools can do.

Several of us have wanted to have a defined/canned certification project for each of the tools, but have yet to get the ROUND-TOIT to fully follow through. The laser has been the focus of our best efforts to date. Maybe you and I can use your desire to be the push to take a next stab at making certification what we'd like it to be.

Jim Dallam

Hey Jim,

Thanks for the response, and no worries on the delay.

I hear you on the whole certification thing, just wanted to check before I came in with my wood and started working. I’ve used all the tools I’ll be needing for this project before so I should be fine, I just know that at some maker spaces insurance requires on site certification regardless of past experience.

Gonna try to make it to the meeting tonight, maybe we can chat more.