If a tool breaks, please tell us!

I sincerely hope no one got hurt. Our miter saw is totally broken. The shield was broken off, the arm is bent and doesn’t move down all the way, etc. Something happened, and it wasn’t reported.

The biggest problem isn’t even needing to buy a new saw. Accidents happen! That’s totally understandable. No one blames anyone for an accident, we are human. If it was broken, and reported, yeah it would be inconvenient, but it wouldn’t be too big of a problem.

Remember, we are a community space. We all collectively share the tools and the work space.

Also, if you do not have the skills to use a tool, or if you are unsure on proper use, please try to contact someone to learn. Never feel embarrassed if you don’t know how to use something. We have a culture of gaining knowledge, and we’re all learning new skills here. I don’t know how to use everything in the wood shop still, so I don’t use those tools unless I get training. We are a bit busy so sometimes it might take a bit to get someone down to help you, but we are happy to help everyone gain the necessary skills for our tools.

Please PM me if you know anything. Thanks for helping keep the hive a safe and useful place for everyone,


Forgot to attach a picture of the machine.


That does not look good at all. Does the hive need a backup one till the guard on that I’d fixed. I can bring mine down.