Ian, here's info from the Sawstop site

Hi Ian

Here's the Sawstop "contractor saw" (like the Delta currently in the Hive).

The base price is $1599, but I would recommend the fence & saw table upgrade, and the dado cartridge & insert (can't engage the "stop" when cutting grooves, otherwise).

I think this would also lower our liability risk, even though we have everyone sign waivers

John Sikorski

"Always verify pricing with your dealer.

•Contractor Saw$1599

Selected Options
•36" T-Glide$200
•Dado Brake Cartridge$89
•Dado Zero Clearance Insert$39
Total: $1927
* Prices do not include shipping or taxes."



Don't know what I was thinking, but my earlier post is just a bit off.

I still recommend the heavy duty rip fence and table extension, but
we don't need no stinkin' dado cartridge or insert, as dadoes or grooves can be cut with a standard blade & insert.
Just get a spare cartridge in case one gets triggered.

That price list looks like this:

•Contractor Saw$1599
•36" T-Glide$200
•Standard brake cartridge (1 included with saw)$69

Total $1878 (+ tax)