I would like to build this PCB etcher


I’d like to build one to keep at the Hive. They seem to be getting good results using it. (0.1mm ~=4mil) and it’s very enthusiast-oriented.

If I start gathering parts, can I get some help from someone on TeamCNC to get it right? :slight_smile:


I’m not on teamCNC but I’d like to help. I’m trying to learn about this stuff, and between this and spending time with other members who know this stuff, maybe I can learn something, and be a little helpful at the same time.


Dave.. I think you just became a member of TeamCNC. :smiley:

We've got most of the motion control parts, both electronics and hardware, lying around. I amassed many of them intending to create a Cyclone PCB mill. That project isn't seriously underway yet though, and this seems like a much better solution to the same problem. Rapid high resolution board fab capabilities would be wonderful to have in-house.

If you're at the meeting tomorrow, we can review what's available to avoid buying unnecessary components.

Very unlikely between work, weather and kids. :frowning: Maybe later this week lunch or dinner and talk?

Spent the night here babysitting the Gigabot… woke up to this. :slight_smile:


Nice, what are these the parts to?

It’s all the printed parts for the PCB Etcher.


Oooooooohhh. Thanks Bill! Where are you going to put them?


I’ve ordered PCBs, lasers, films, and stuff. I’m going to probably hit the electronic parts for the PCBs later.

I need help finding and purchasing the mechanical parts. Anyone from TeamCNC available?


They will be on the 3d Printer table.


I’ll try to go through the site and figure out a strategy for the parts tonight at µCM.


Call / txt / gmessage me. If I can’t make it tonight, I’ll try to hop on hangout or call you, etc.