I sold some of the Hive's computer stuff

I did some work for a friend and sold some of the Hive’s stuff. I have a check for $370 for the hive.

Dell PowerEdge 2850 $100
Dell small desktop $50
Random HP Laptop that I bought a power cord for so it would work $150
Random PCIe video card $40
Used 24 port patch panel $20
Random small 8 port 10/100 unmanaged switch $10

All of this stuff had been sitting around gathering dust for at least 3 months. This money can go towards the helium fund or whatever else. The check is in my laptop bag. I’ll put it in the money box at the hive next time I make it down there - probably tomorrow.


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I know myself and a handful of other people (you especially!!) want a new welder! This is something Ryan (twist) has brought up in the last few weeks.

I think we can look at this again?

thatd be awesome! what type of welder are you thinking?

We were talking about a Millermatic since the are so nice. Mig of course since it is much easier to start with and versatile.

There is a mixed method miller on craigslist right now for 1800. Does MIG, TIG, stick if I read things right. Might be worth looking at.

Also would probably be worth getting the name / number of the welder dude from Bob @RME across the street. There are guys that buy and sell used welders. Might be worth checking out what he has.

Yesss! I have been really really wanting to start learning to weld again! I know there are a lot of people who would use it!


Wow, that looks like an amazing welder for the cost. It does everything!

Anyone else have any inputs? Looks like it could be a great addition to the hive!

For that price and what the guy said it probably isn’t set up for doing MIG. It’s probably TIG/Stick only. I’ll call him and find out what accessories it comes with.

That sounds like an awesome addition! How much work/money would it be to have it working with both mig/tig?

Buying stuff new, about 1500-2 grand to add MIG if I understand Miller’s site correctly.

What is up w/ the current MIG welder at the hackerspace?

One has a broken spool gun and is generally a POS. One is an ubercheap non-gas flux core POS.

Hive doesn’t have 3 phase does it ?

I believe the building has 3 Phase, but, I do not believe that the hive has any three phase capacity.


We could always get a 1 phase to 3 phase converter. What do you have in mind, Barry?

The hive has 208 3 phase I’m pretty sure. We used a single phase for the welder currently there.