I just heard the Gigabot say...

“Beware, I live!.. Run, coward, run!”

Did you take the red pill or the blue pill lol whichever one keeps the dig about from giving me nightmares a need to know :slight_smile:

Bill put some significant work in this evening getting the Gigabot firmware back in order, and modifying it to home safely despite the low spot in the middle of our print bed.

Unfortunately, the print head is still jamming periodically, and we were not able to produce a complete print. I’m unsure of the root cause. We both ran out of time to fiddle with it tonight.

  • Ry

Awesome thanks for the work on it guys. It will be a nice piece to use and show off :slight_smile:

What happened to the print… it was going perfectly when I left?


Nozzle clog of some sort. When I checked a few minutes later, the printer was dropping goobers from on high. Plastic was moving again, but it obviously stopped flowing for a while.

  • Ry

VERY glad the gigabot is online.

I’ve got the Ultimaker printing again too. It’ll be a while before it’s in service at hive, though. I need to print new feeder parts, plastic parts that were warped, spare parts, clean the other 4 nozzles & hot end that were burned up. Some electrical stuff too. Being perfectionistic as usual…