I don't know about you, but I think we need a bit more swagger for events.

Hey all,

So the other day I was walking out of my room and saw a oxford kinetics festival sticker, and remembered how awesome those guys were. Then it hit me… we are going to the Detroit makerfaire, having a Cincinnati makerfaire, and a Mini Maker Festival and we are missing out on a great advertising opportunity by not having free swag! A person might see us at an event and think we were cool, but it’s another thing entirely to see that button or sticker they picked up and remembering how great of an experience they had.

So I decided to hop over to our local library and borrowed their vinyl printer and button maker (see first picture). The small vinyl stickers were based off the concept designs I was tossing around for my glow in the dark H^13 tuits, and the rest was derived from the Hive wiki art page.

So here’s where I ask you guys for help. If you have any hive art that you would like to contribute for this project, please reply to this message or email me. I can make your artwork into 1.5" or 2.25" buttons, stickers, bumper stickers, or window stickers. I prefer SVG (I’m primarily using inkscape) but I can play with the file if need be.

Also attached are example pieces that I’ve been tweaking for the past few days. The 1.5" ones are optimized for button making, but the 2.25" ones need to be modified still. I also have two example bumper stickers there as well. I would also think it would be pretty cool to have a Hex sticker of some sort as well, but I’m still tossing around ideas in my head, but I would love to see what the group can come up with! =)

If you can think of any other cool cost effective things to give away at our booths coming up in the future, let me know! (The first thing that comes to mind is temporary tattoos)

Thanks for reading, and best of luck to both groups this weekend. Take lots of pictures!


1.5 hive buttons v1.pdf (30.9 KB)

1.5 hive buttons v2.pdf (51.5 KB)

1.5 hive buttons v3.pdf (51.5 KB)

2.25 hive buttons v1.pdf (91.1 KB)

2.25 hive buttons v2.pdf (66.6 KB)

3x5 vinyl bumper 1.pdf (15.7 KB)

3x5 vinyl bumper 2.pdf (21.2 KB)

Awesome job dude and thank you for trying to get us out there better!!! Im hoping to have some of the power tool racers i intended to build for detroit done but if not for the cincinnati maker fair id love to make a hive inspired body for one of them :slight_smile: