I am looking for a transformer rated for about 1KVA. Does anyone have anything like this it their junk bin, or do I need to make a trip to Mendelsons?

Hello, this is Norm. I’m looking for a transformer rated near 1 KVA, with a 120V primary winding. Secondary windings are not important as they will be removed. I’m planning on building a power supply capable of delivering 1000A at about 1 volt.

Isn’t a standard microwave oven transformer about 1000W? If you can find a scrapped built-in microwave oven, it might be as high as 1200 or 1500W.

They’re very commonly used for spot welders and other mischief. It’s pretty fun to pull out the secondary. Those windings are in there tight.


I have several dead 2200, 3000 KVA UPSes that typically have large toroids in them. They’re all 120V models AFAIK. You’re welcome to have one if you think it would be useful. I keep them around for salvage purposes.

I was considering that initially, but the microwave transformers that I have, don’t have any power or current ratings listed on them. I’ll cut the secondary windings out tomorrow and try it out. Thanks.