I am going nomadic and I'm offloading my desktop, monitor, projector/screen and a bunch of PC watercooling goodies, you guys interested?

Prices are "Or Best Offer" unless otherwise stated.

[b]Trades I am looking for[/b]
  - Stretchy cargo nets/shock cord nets
  - CB Radio & Antenna for my truck
  - Nikon Lenses/Nikon Accessories/Nikon Flash units
  - Cokin ND Filters/ND Gradient filters
  - high power DC-AC inverter (the kind you wire to your battery)
  - solar panels/solar battery chargers
  - solar powered anything, really.

For Sale:
Sanyo PLV-Z2 HD Projector (720p, or 1280x720), Newish Bulb, probably
~500 hours on it. Shipped in the original box, and bought on the Agora
a number of years ago. $600 or $650 if you want the 67" screen too,
plus actual shipping. Comes with the ceiling mount either way.

E6600, 2GB, 8800GTX, 550W quality PSU, 500+750GB hard disks in a
coolermaster case w\ front USB and all that jazz. I'd prefer not to
part this out. $350 + actual shipping.

[b]Monitor[/b]: Dell 2405FPW, all good except the internal USB
hub/card reader seems to have flaked out on me. $400 + actual

[b]So very sad I never finished this, maybe you will?[/b]
"Project Goliath" - the intel SC5000 case w\ side panels and other
misc stuff. It's never going to get done. $50 + actual shipping
because it's HEAVY. Currently professionally packed so the shipping
cost is only shipping, not packing. Includes many extras and if you
want to finish the project I never could, be my guest!

[b]Watercooling goodies[/b]
120mm fan-mount radiator (bolts into a 120mm fan spot EZ) - $25 - from
project goliath
Dual 120mm fan-mount radiator (needs a custom fab, but easy enough,
takes two 120mm fans) - $25 - from project goliath
Older Swiftec MCP350 12V pump, bare leads (you'd have to
solder/connect up a molex plug, easy stuff.)

Aquacomputer Cuplex XT DI, made by AC just for dual core chips with
dual impingment zones. Fits any LGA775 or LGA1366 boards. Brand new
in box. $65 (was like ~150+ new) + shipping
Acquacomputer Twinplex chipset block for through-board mount, the one
on the far left of the above photo. fits boards with metal loops
(you'd have to fab your tensioners) or through-motherboard mounting
(with supplied hardware) - $25 + shipping
Acquacomputer Twinplex chipset block for metal hoop mount, the one on
the far right of the above photo. fits boards with metal loops
(tensioners included) or through-motherboard mounting (DIY hardware) -
$25 + shipping
DangerDen Z-Chipset - fits certain older VGA cards and anything else
you can fit it to, with 3/8" fittings. - $12 + shipping
Cerberus WB1 - customed designed by our own ScopeDog a few years ago.
Fits Pretty much everything with the custom brackets! or remove the
brackets entirely for mounting on an AMD board. $50 + shipping, and
kind of a piece of history. Four G1/4 fittings in, Four out, great FUN
block for multiple loops in your watercooling setup!
Storm G5 - SOLID SILVER BASE WATERBLOCK!!! and a museum piece at that.
Needs a new o-ring in the base. $100 (was over $200 new, hell the
silver is probably worth $100 at least!)
Single 3.5" HDD Waterblock with G1/4 connectors, I'll include the
connectors if you need them - $ 15 + shipping
AlphaCool SilentStar DUAL 3.5" HDD Block, cools and COMPLETELY sound
deadens even 10K RPM drives. with G1/4 connections, I'll include the
connectors if you need them - $65 shipping (HEAVY!) Minor dent in
front panel, does not effect the performance.
AquaComputer G80 - Fits 8800GTX and nvidia reference design cards.
Brand new, never used, still in the bubble wrap: $65. More info:
Bag of Plug & Cool G1/4 and G1/8 connectors. Right angles, splitters,
plugs, etc. $15 (very cheap compared to what mcmaster charges)