I am cleaning out the flammables cabinet. Please read if you have anything in it.


Our flammables cabinet is full, and a total mess. I will be going through items in the cabinet over the next week.

If you have any unexpired paints, chemicals, etc in the cabinet and you want them to stay there:

  1. Make sure they are labeled with your name at the least
  2. If possible, label containers with a date opened and contact info.
  3. If you want me to dispose of something for you, please mark it clearly with "TOSS XXX"

I will dispose of chemicals according to regulations and best practice by taking it to hazardous waste facility. Water based paints will be donated if possible. Empty spray cans will be evacuated and recycled.

I will post to this thread when I’m ready to remove anything for disposal. This will likely happen middle of next-week.

If you cannot come in to mark something, send me an email.

Anything expired, in a broken or faulty container, or otherwise unusable / problematic will be disposed of. Period.

Non Flammable Caustic Chemicals (i.e. muriatic acid) will be removed and placed in a caustic cabinet. This is currently the fridge under the electronics area, which has a skull and crossbones painted in yellow on it (yeah, so stop putting beer in there, we’ve had acids and electronics fluxes in there – aka poison). Caustics should NOT go in the flammables cabinet, as they make everything rust!

I’ll make another area for not flammable paints, like water based acrylics. Don’t take up valuable space in the flammables cabinet with your water paints.

Used Mineral Spirits, Solvents, etc should be poured into the proper container labeled “USED XYZ” on the bottom shelf. I will make this more organized and more clearly label these containers soon. I will also add funnels and a spill kit.

Unlabeled, unclaimed, useful supplies will be kept. If they remain unlabeled, I will label them “hive use”, along with a date. This will happen last.

If you’d like to help, let me know.

Finally, don’t pour oil based paints, solvents, or other hazardous waste down the drain. If in doubt, ask.


Good. I have my p100 organic vapor respirator in hand and am ready to take this on.