HP Proliant WAPs: where are they?

I recall that someone (Shadoxx possibly?) borrowed these WAPs that
were donated. Can they come back to the hive at some point in the
near future? I'd like to put them into active service as they have a
LOT stronger signal than what we currently use.


Perhaps we should invest in a real WAP now…

Those WAPs that are missing are *bad ass* WAPs. If they vanished, I'm
with you - buy some high quality gear. If not, let's use them. Two
of them covered the entire inside and parking lot of a car dealership.
We have nowhere near that much space.

Do you know the model of these WAPs? A buddy asked me to help set up a network for his business and he needs to cover a large parking lot and a couple of buildings. (or does anyone have a newer make/model they would highly recommend?)



The Hive’s WAP is a J9358A. I would highly recommend ubiquiti as a vendor for wifi equipment too for that kind of thing.