How's this as a first draft of a mission statement?

Forgive me, I woke up a little early today and felt industrious.

"As an organic group of local technophiles we will experiment with
known technologies, improve upon procedures of use and creation of
technology, and educate the general public with our findings. Science
is our method, and innovation our livelihood."

Pick it apart.

Here's my take. I don't think we should have education in the mission
statement yet. Let's not trap ourselves into a commitment that not
everyone is willing to participate in. I recognize that this is
somewhat general.

[X] is an social organization committed to mutual support and
collaboration in the free exploration of the intersection of
technology, design and humanity.

how about we keep it simple.

Team up. Make things. Have fun.


I’m also in favor of keeping it simple.

Something very straightforward like: “Our mission is to found/operate a Hackerspace in the Cincinnati area.” Or “Our mission is to found/operate space(s) for our members and guests to pursue the hacking/making of things.”

I’m alright with using the work “hack”, but I don’t how well that would fly with others.