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I can post to the main page for you if that is easiest. Just send me an email with the blurb you’d like printed and a picture (if you don’t have one, I can drag up one of mine, but if you have a pic of a class, that would be great).

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I will get a blurb and pic in here shortly.


Intro to the Hive 1 3 CNC router.

Sat. Aug 26 - 10AM -4 PM

We will cover CAD, CAM and postprocessing as well as info on mills (router bits) and
calculating “feeds and speeds” in the AM session.

After a break (bring your lunch or go out on your own),
we will demonstrate the Hive 1 3 CNC router and each attendee will run a tool path.

The fee includes a mill and a piece of plywood to take along.

To qualify to use the Hive 1 3 CNC we require that you complete this seminar, then contact
a Hive 1 3 CNC machinist and have them observe you running your own (simple) project.

You can contact a machinist via the Hive 1 3 mailing list.

Non members will need to sign a release before taking the course.

Members $20
Nonmembers $30

Eventbrite URL:

Eventbrite router all3.jpg




Thanks for the timely posting!