How flat is the CNC table?

So, I have seen mysterious references to the CNC table being flat, or wavy
and the gantry being in or out of square to the XY plane.

Is there any info on whether it is being, or had been squared (or “trammed”)?

If the router is perpendicular to the XY plane (even if the spoil board (XY plane) is not “level”)
the cuts should be flat to the project material surface.

Any info on the state of the CNC?



Tim is working on it. It’s not level or properly trammed.

Some transpracency on what I am trying to do, which may resolve some of your concerns.

Level Table(It's not easy alone but it's coming along) it did make it to the floor finally
Add another 3/4" sheet of spoilboard to provide rigidity at the end of the table when it's planed down.
Tram the gantry with pro tram and last piece of glass
Smooth the spoilboard with new fancy bit

So does this mean that the answer to my first question in my CNC post is, "No, it would not be able to cut it."

I guess your answer would be “it depends”. If the table is out more than your depth of cut it would be a bad idea. If it’s not but only off some it will effect the quality. As far as material, you can probably get cheap (MDF) or light (some plastic like expanded PVC) but not likely both.


Good to know!
I’ll watch for the “dead flat” announcement!