Hose Reel Plumbing Parts Missing

I made some good progress on inventorying what pipe fittings we still have available for hooking up the new hose reels after the air compressor repair saga.

I decided that it was easier to run a new branch on the air system up to the new reels rather than tie in from the branch that went along the front wall as we had planned previously. An FYI to everyone, that branch has been removed in prep for plumbing up the hose reels, so fair warning that access to air in the metal shop and general area is currently limited to the hook up next to the sand blaster and the reel above the flammables cabinet.

I am missing three stainless steel ball valves and the bottle of pipe dope that I had purchased with the reels, if anyone knows where they are please make them show back up on the infrastructure shelf (box labeled pipe fittings, next to the server).


Kevin M.

Valves and pipe dope have been found.

There is a box of used/dirty pipe fittings on the table next tot he infrastructure shelf soaking in denatured alcohol. If anyone is bored and feels like being helpful, they could all use a scrubbing with a wire brush, particularly the female threads. We will need some of those fittings to get the hose reels hooked up.




Sandblaster could definitely do it.

An update: moved them into the metal shop, turns out denatured alcohol dissolves the finish on the general area tables and makes it tacky.


Kevin's gonna be pissed!

I’m hoping he won’t notice…

The fittings have all been cleaned up, the new sandblaster works well!

Who is interested in helping me get the hose reels plumbed up, and when?

-Kevin M.