Honeysuckle chips

This isn’t exactly maker related but I’m putting it out here anyways. I am looking for a pile of chipped up honeysuckle (or other wood chips) to raid. Our new dog makes it impossible for us to have grass in our tiny yard. We don’t have plans this year to replace the grass with something well planned and fancy so we want to put down wood chips to control weeds and erosion. We’ve used honeysuckle chips effectively for this in the past. It’s almost always free and easy to get rid of (fire pit) when it is no longer wanted. If you know of an easy source of wood chips please let me know. I am looking for several large garbage cans full. I am in Northside (a few minutes from the Hive).

I posted this request of my Facebook feed and all I got was offers to let me take out other peoples honeysuckle bushes… no thanks The joke has already been told so there is no need to repeat it. :wink:

in the gardening forums and pages I’ve usually seen that people can get wood chips for free from tree companies (they have to get rid of the stuff they cut) you could possibly persuade a company to dump a load at your place. Or ask them where they dump their chips. and go get some from there.

if it’s specifically Honeysuckle you want, perhaps contacting a landscaping professional and offer to take the next batches of honeysuckle that they take out?

I know that last year, going through Mount Airy, in one of the ‘dead end’ spots I discovered two HUGE piles of chipped material. I don’t know if it was for use - if it was waste from clearing - or if it was available for people to help themselves to…


Free wood chip and compost giveaway this Saturday.
The compost is from the scyamore township yard waste collection program. Mostly leaf compost.

Sharonville has a big pile of free wood chips (from a chipper) behind their City Hall and Police Department.

Approximately here: Sharonville, Ohio 39.264964, -84.413400


Definitely ask first, but it seems like they love giving them away.


Thanks everyone! I searched and asked around for a solid month where I could find free wood chips. Finally last weekend I gave up and dropped $60 at Lowes for cypress mulch. Literally the next day four different people told me where I could find free wood chips. I have come to accept that the universe likes to poke fun at me.

If you had planned on spending money, we could have split the cost of me renting a wood chipper to shred the yew bush I cut down. :frowning:
At least your yard is saved at this point. :slight_smile:

Murphy was an optimist?