Holy mess. This place is a wreck.


I realize that many have been burning the midnight oil for PTDR. That is understandable. However, I suspect that this is not the only cause of the space being so messy it is unusable.

What’s up with the big CNC? I need to use that – it is totally covered in stuff. Is it operable?

Fast food trash all over the place, boxes left out, expensive stuff just sitting around. What happened? This isn’t just PTDR alone.

In cases of over-work and crunch, can we at least throw away food scraps and trash?

How about piling stuff up in one or two areas at end of night rather than spreading it across all surfaces and tools?

Also, leave a message on the list! I just finished all my grading, and I was excited to come down and work on some stuff. The CNC stuff, electronics, and other projects are definitely no-go now. Luckily, I do have some stuff to 3d print, so all is not lost.

We all understand, but please leave a note if:

  1. Projects are left out

  2. Machines (like CNC) are left so people don’t know if they work or not- strewn with tools. Is it just a mess, or is it being serviced?

  3. Shit happens.

I really don’t blame anyone, but I feel like the lack of a mailing list post was discourteous. Also, trash is trash – I think we can all agree that it should be thrown away.


I was part of the group loading up the big CNC with crap.
Jim needed to cut some 4x4’s so we thought the radial arm saw would be the best. Turns out it was not better than the table saw.
We cleared out the area around the radial arm saw to load the long 4x4’s (and put the crap on the CNC bed).
We should have put it back by the radial arm saw when we were done.
I know things can get hectic getting ready for a deadline. Jim and crew are going to ship out at the PTDR stuff Wed morning so there was some motivation to get the crate finished.

Still no excuse to leave the place a total mess. Sorry.

I’ll bet at the Tuesday meeting and I’ll help with what I can.

I can backup what Brad said. For leaving stuff on the large CNC and leaving the large crate in the middle of the space I am guilty as charged. I did return all used tools, swept the floor, and tool out the large barrel of trash, but that is no defense. I’ll be back tonight.

Sorry things were not excellent for you earlier today.