Holiday Motorcycle Sale!

Hey all, just putting this out there. I’m currently getting rid of a 250cc motorcycle and a 50cc scooter. Motorcycle is in decent condition and I used it as my daily up until winter struck. The scooter hasn’t been started in about a year, but it only has 38miles on the odometer and with a new battery I’m sure it would fire right up. Spread the word!

Zongshen 250cc Motorcycle


Hey Brandon what are you looking for with the 250cc?

$1200 for the 250cc. All of you have seen it (pics in the link above). There are a few things that it could use, like the front left turn signal indicator. But all in all I think it’s a fair price. If I can sell it within the next week I’d be willing to knock the price down to $1000 for people referred to me from this list. I’d also be willing to teach whoever buys it how to work on it.

Brandon, the scooter link does not seem to work

crap dumb tablet. The link for the motorcycle doesn’t work either. thy just lead to the motorcycle section of CL, not the actual ad.

Both links worked for me on Mozilla at home. I think it might be your tablet, I feel like I had some issues like that before on mine.

Neither of the links worked for me on Chrome. The ‘.html’ portion of the address isn’t included in the link blue text. I copied the text of the url and pasted to a new tab and they both worked.