Hi all. The Hive is running low on higher capacity (1 amp and greater) 5V and 12V power transformers. These are extremely useful for microcontroller and LED projects around the space.

I found a few while rifling though my giant box of orphaned wall warts at home, and will bring them down. It occured to me that many others may have similar hoarding tendencies. If you have any extra (again, 5V or 12V with 1A or greater output) transformers for devices you're no longer using, please consider donating them to the Hive. I'll put a couple boxes out on the kitchen table over the weekend.


   - Ry

I've likely got quite a few someplace or other. I'll see what I can scrounge up.

  - Dark Ian

I have a bunch of 12 volt supplies that I purchased a while ago for a former 3D printer project that I can bring in. They’re supposed to be 48 and 96 watt power supplies, but none have proved to be that capable.

However, they’re available, free and plentiful.


Hi Bill,
I would take one if it can provide at least 3 amp!