HiveIT power loss

The circuit powering the server rack seems to have blown, and we have no keys for the closet. We ran an extension cable to another outlet to at least get Internet access rolling again. Unfortunately, hivestore didn’t recover correctly, and DNS isn’t functioning on Hubuntu. Linux system administration is still outside my skill set, unfortunately, so I think those are going to be down until DaveB can have a look.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try to get down there today or tomorrow and look at it. FYI the wiring closet door opens trivially, even when locked. I’ll leave it at that and let your imagination fill in the blanks.


Are the servers on their own circuit? We probably don’t want people plugging power tools in on the same circuit. Might be good to mark the server circuit outlets with orange tape or something.

One of the window AC units was connected to the same outlet. We may wish to reconsider this decision.

As soon as I have time ™ I have a floor-to-ceiling Compaq server rack on castors that I will be bringing in and donating. I’m going to move all of our servers and UPSes into it (it’s big enough) and I’m going to move them over to (?) 3C, between the dirty room and the back pallet rack. Having the servers 6’ away from the welder strikes me as a horrible idea. I’m in the busiest time of year for work and I’m getting ready to move (Mt. Washington) too.

Bottom line: I’m fine with “rigging” whatever in the time being. I’m going to move things over to where they’re less likely to get dust/sparks/etc. and be closer to a 20A ded drop long term.

I think we’ve demonstrated the servers and AC can’t be on the same circuit for the time bieng.

Thanks a bunch for the help Ryan. I really do appreciate it.

I stopped by the hive on the way out to a job.

I reset MonStor. It came back up fine. It’s a little bit flaky hardware, it’s slated to be replaced. (notice: SATA backplane sitting next to it and monster conglomeration of cables sticking out of FaStor)

I’m typing this email on HiveInt currently. I took a quick peek at the other servers and it looks like everything is back up again.

LMK if there are any continuing issues.

Can’t log in remotely right now…

~$ ssh
ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host

DNS update?


Yeah, we’re having technical difficulties. DNS wasn’t working locally on hubuntu. I had the brilliant idea of rebooting it to see if the problem was the firewall being unavailable the last time it booted. Well… it didn’t come back. It seems to pass the RAID bios check, then just hangs indefinitely.

Not my best idea this week. :confused:

I’ts probably what I would do… I’ll take a look at it next time I can get down to the space.

My afternoon is rather free – I’ll swing down during lunch and look at hubuntu and get that box back up.

If there’s anything else that’s Priority Zero that needs to be looked at IT stuff wise, try to let me know before noon (either here or IRC) and I’ll try to tack it on while I’m taking a longish lunch.