Does anyone know what the password to hive13int is? My computer doesn’t automatically log on anymore and I can’t remember the password

I have replied privately.

  • Ry

Perhaps this information should be conspicuously posted around the space for folks like myself that rarely are around at meetings?

Dave -

The password has not changed, and it’s one of the things I cover during new member orientation.

I just didn’t want to post it to the public list.

  • Ry

Oh :slight_smile:
That works. I assumed incorrectly it had changed.

The main change associated with the new wireless access point, is that the former hive13net network name has been replaced by the more obviously named hive13guest. Hive13 int remains the same, and most people will not notice any difference.

I think this may be messing with a few people’s auto-connect settings. If this happens to anyone else, just ensure that hive13int is the top of your auto-join list.

Also feel free to email leadership or the list for help.

  • Ry