Hive13 Workday Tonight - 2020-07-30

Who’s planning on being at tonight’s hive work day? I’d like to try and get the kitchen appliances, sink, and wash sinks all arranged close to their final homes so we can get the plumber to come back in to hook up water and gas, as well as enable us to start mounting electrical boxes and pull cable in smart places. I think it’d also be a good idea to get the rest of the cable for panel W pulled.



When will people be there? Might be able to drop in for an hour or so.


Do we need a plumber or can we (me) do it ourselves?

  • Todd

I wondered the same thing. I wouldn’t want us running gas lines but plain plumbing isn’t too hard. Arguably easier than electric.

LIsa and I will be there likely from 6/6:30 to 9ish

We likely can do the plumbing work ourselves, but that work is all work the landlord agreed to do, so we are planning to let his plumber finish the bathroom, kitchen, and wash sink plumbing and get the gas run to the stove.

Sounds free and easy. I like free and easy.

Sounds like a great reason to let me do it!

Arg. I meant, sounds like a great reason to let them do it.

too late, you said you would do it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just to clarify responsibilities;

Hive13 does the Kitchen finish.

The bathroom finish was put on hold waiting on Hive13 to do wiring. When that is done the bathroom buildout can be completed.

These are the lease build out terms.
We are negotiating for the value of Hive13 securing the third floor.

Lease Exhibit X Continued

Build Out at Owners Expense

· Install sufficient heating to maintain 68 degrees at 36” height throughout the space.

· Paint walls and ceiling white. Industrial power clean the floor.

· Paint walls of east stairwell to space.

· Secure Access to the 3rd floor leased space. Electrically activated locks all 3rd floor doors including elevator roll doors as mutually agreed.

· Electrically activated locks on two ground floor access doors as mutually agreed.

· Provide adequate unisex restroom(s) on third floor for Hive13. Includes sanitary sewer for new toilet and lavatory sink. Tenant will have access to restrooms on other floors (including second floor) to provide additional restroom capacity.

· Install a minimum of one deep twin-tub janitorial slop sink. Not in restroom

· Provide water and sanitary sewer drain line for Kitchen

· Provide gas line to kitchen for a stove

· Install one 200 Amp 220VAC 50 breaker power distribution panel with master cut off in center of first rental space on a designated column.

· Install one 200 Amp 220 VAC 50 breaker distribution panel with master cut off per expansion.

· Install one 200 Amp 240 VAC 3 phase distribution panel in SW corner. Schedule TBD.

Build Out at Tenant Expense

· All construction subject to Landlord approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

· Tenant may install kitchen; walls, cabinets, counters and appliances.

· Tenant may create noise, dust, and fumes requiring the construction of containment walls and exhaust ducts.

· Tenant may install a remote view doorbell and push button lock release to facilitate admitting guests to the facility without running down three flights of stairs.

· Tenant may install CCTV security cameras and video storage server.

· The Tenant may reconfigure and utilize existing shelving and racking.

Looks like we’re back in business John, for the kitchen plumbing anyway. I’m confident we can do the gas too. Been there - done that.

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