Hive13 weekly meeting tonight (May 22, 2018) at 7:30pm

Hello all,

As usual we have our weekly general meeting tonight at 7:30pm. This is always open to members, non-members, and new-comers alike.

If you can’t come to the meeting in person but would still like to attend, you can always remote in. You can use this link:

Something will be set up to host people at around 7:29:59.99 pm.

I think there is a vote to get a Dremel kit.


President | Hive13

I won’t be able to attend tonight.

  • Ian B.

Was there any talk about the compressor not working? I couldn't get it to start the other day, it made a hard click sound when it was unplugged and reinserted in the rectepticle. Not sure if the motor is grounded or we have a seized shaft?

Perhaps there was already a thread about this.

I did not hear anything about the compressor not working.
I’ll be out there Friday.
If anyone could check it out that would be great.


It was working yesterday right before the meeting.

That's funny. It is working now.

It wasn't on monday. I even by passed the outlet timer. Weird.

Let’s keep an eye on it. Please let us know if it misbehaves again.