[Hive13] Weekend Sound Proofing

Hey all,

Just a reminder: This Sat (18th) @ 10am and on Sun (19th) @ 11am we will be working on sound proofing the Hive. Please stop by if you can lend a hand. If you can not make it so early (10!!!) then Noon-ish would still be helpful. You will be meeting with Grant and Doug (our land lords). Grant has asked me to pass this along to those planning on helping. If anybody can bring with them…

  1. A few folks showing up on Saturday morning came armed with a few 3" paint rollers

  2. A few folks showing up on Sunday came armed with staple guns or an aluminum ladder (which is a bit more doubtful)

They have these but the more tools they have the quicker all this will get done.



I have access to some rather large ladders (a very good friend is a painting contractor). Would that be helpful?

I won’t be able to be there on Saturday, but I will be there Sunday at 11.


I think on Sat it is mainly painting. So Sun. would be a perfect time to bring those large ladders. Hive13 represent :smiley:


I will come armed with a staple gun on Sunday.

I will see what I can scrounge up.

I will be there ~12:30 on Saturday, I have to work until at least 12:00 pm, sometimes I get done early, but I think I am going to busy this coming Saturday.

I have staple guns (one may be broke, but I think I have 3).