Hive13 website

So who is maintaining the Hive website?

The homepage still has the old “using the mill class” info from October.
I did find the thread cutting class on Eventbite.

That is the last blog post submitted. If you have a post to make you can send it to me and I will post it, or if you need to post frequently I could set you up with an account.

  • Ian B.

Perhaps it would be worth investigating this or similar?


Do we use WordPress? I know we use ghost…

We used to use wordpress. I guess I’m out of touch with what we’re using post-facelift.

Just reiterating what Ian said: the website is member managed just like the wiki. (Unless you are talking about the back end technical aspects, like keeping it running, fixing bugs, etc. then that falls under CTO Ian or other tech savvy members who are volunteering to work on that).

Anyone can/should submit posts about recent or new events, or neat projects. We don’t want to “spam” the page with too many things, as that is our more official public page, but posts highlighting things more frequently would be awesome!

Ok cool.


I just sent you an invite to make an account. The interface is pretty simple, hit me up via email or IRC if you have any problems.

  • Ian B.