Hive13 website

It looks like the webcams for the site are frozen from November 9 and the topics haven’t been updated since Stephen did the Minecraft talk.

Not sure if it just hasn’t been updated or if something is “broken”.

Just wanted to let someone know.

I’ll probably be at the Hive this afternoon (Saturday).


Hey Brad, I noticed that too. I believe that the arduino that is used for the camera system was unplugged for the remote start vent system in the woodworking area. I think we ran out of space to have both plugged in unfortunately.

I think the blog hasn’t been updated because we haven’t had anything interesting to put up on the front page since then. (The front page doesn’t get updated too often outside of the makerfaire season). I’ll give it an update today to see if its working. =]

It looks like the webcams and the main page successfully got their updates. I had noticed the webcams were stuck, noticeably the woodshop one didn’t even load anymore, but Brad beat me to the punch.

I gave the Cameraberry Pi a quick kick in the rebooty when I rolled in for clean-up Saturday.

It seems to be back to normal.