Hive13 Updates

Hi All,

A group of us at the Hive tonight made progress with different things
around the space.

We moved the cable modem to the room with the network rack and cleaned
up the loose wires that were draped over the door. On top of the
cable modem is a new Linksys labeled "Hive13int". This is the name of
the internal encrypted wifi network. The subnet for this network is
192.168.20.x (not that you need to know that). Connect to this
network if you need access to the internal resources such as the
printer or hivestor. It's WPA2 and the password is currently the same
as the AP name (ssid).

We have 3 new linux workstations that can be used for general purpose
terminals. Thanks Ed! Currently we only have one setup in the
makerbot room. We need some more LCD screens for the other two but
will probably put them at other key locations in the space.

I brought in my old machine that ran my arcade at home to be used for
the new Hive13 Arcade. The machine runs and we dropped a new network
connection for it. For now it's best to ssh into it because it's very
hard to read text on the TV monitor in the cabinet. I also uploaded
the frontend I used at home Kade to the Hive13 github repo. It's
currently written in C with SDL to handle sound and graphics. It has
a mysql backend. I would like to port this to Go but we can use the
current version to get up and running. The github repo will support
the code to port to Go. We will soon be making a purchase for the
i-pac4 controller and switches so we can at least get the center
controller up and running for testing.

I may have missed something so feel free to add on to this thread if so.


We will be upgrading to widescreen monitors at work soon. I should be able to get all the LCDs you could want within the month. If they are wanted that is.

Way to go Tye! Maybe we can now get ChrisD to do his video wall
project with flat screens rather than CRTs? That would be awesome!

Bring them on in Tye!


Awesome. This evening I'll be bringing down a machine to replace the
dead water-cooled XPS along with a second monitor for the desk so it
can be used as a proper editing station.