HIVE13 tshirts are here!

Fellow bees,
  I picked up the shirts yesterday -- and they look great. The box of
shirts is in the office at the hive, there are Ls and XLs for sale for
$10... you can snag one if you want and pay me next meeting - but
don't forget! I paid for these out of my pocket and I'm looking to
make my cash back so I can pay my HiveRent™. The two 3XL shirts are
spoken for though.


Do you have any mediums?

No mediums, only L and XL. sorry.

no medium no care

no love

You guys are silly. I'm rockin TWO LARGES.

This nerd is too small for a large.

My dress shirt size is 18.5, 34/35, and the large fits me.

For you nauseaboy it would make an excellent flotation device. Given the right circumstances.

The shirts are excellent and the large is long, which is what I look
for in a shirt.

That said, I just paid Starbuck for an L and an XL, but left them on a
chair by the door in the office when I left. Argh. If anybody
notices them, please just leave them there or place them somewhere
obvious (whatever that may mean). I should be back sometime tomorrow
night to retrieve them.