Hive13 Trivia at Annual Meeting

hi friends!! i’m hoping to host a Hive13 Trivia game for the annual meeting in the style of bar trivia. i’m looking for input on if people want solo trivia or teams. i’m thinking 4 categories: Hive13 History, Ward Facts, Cincinnati Trivia, and Member Trivia
i’m also looking for MEMBER TRIVIA QUESTIONS!!! i wanna know some fun trivia for the member trivia section.
pls dm me on slack (@mortuarymaven) or email me trivia tidbits about you!! i may or may not use the question but i won’t be revealing what i use until the day of trivia.have you hosted trivia before?? got tips?? i’d love them. DM me/email or reply to this post for tips and feedback on solo vs teams!! (please do not post trivia publicly as i will not be able to use it)