[Hive13] TimeWarner Cable FAIL

For those of you who don’t attend the Tuesday meetings I should start with an update. In the beginning of the month, we agreed on spending $50/mo on Time Warner cable. This is for slower internet than normal residential users (5m/down 764/up) For 6 megs it would have been $150/mo. This aside we agreed to do it. We signed a contract with Time Warner, they had somebody who came out to survey and said it should be possible to do w/o any additional expense. Weeks went by with no updates.

Finally today I get a call from Greg Wright from Time Warner (sales guy). He informs me that it would cost Time Warner $4,000 to run our cable from across the street and they are not willing to do this unless I agree to a 5 year contract at $375/mo. Of course we are declining.

I am looking for suggestions and alternatives. If nobody has a contact at Time Warner to resolve this insanity then we will probably contact Cincinnati Bell next since they are already in the building.

Feed back appreciated.

If you have additional questions feel free to call Time Warner and ask for Greg Write or email greg.wright@twcable.com


That is consistent with my Time Warner experience. You may fine Cincinnati Bell service to be even slower. I think it’s 4m/768k…and they block outbound to port 25, based on my experience.

i forwarded this to my contact and i will wait to see what he says.

the slower connect speed isn’t that big of an issue if we are co-locating our web infrastructure. it would be great to gain remote access to the hive’s network infrastructure, but that may not be in the cards for now.

if higher speed connections are important to the group in [distant] future, what about working with the landlord and tennants to bring in a leased line and sharing it?

hacDC did something similar in their building and were able to provide high speed data and voice (VOIP) service to their neighbors for less than the phone company could. i am sure the market in DC is vastly different than the market in cincy but it still may be feasible if there are enough interested parties.

this could be the start of turning the hive and the surrounding structure into a smart building :slight_smile:

From my perspective, the relative reliability and autonomy of having

our own wired broadband connection are more important than speed or
blocked outbound ports. (As Chris mentioned, we can use the co-lo box
for any services that we can't run from the hive.)

I'd be in favor of getting service from Cincinnati Bell instead of TW.

Btw, I checked out Insight and according to the form on their website
they do not service our zip code.


I checked with Current Communications (BPL) and they don’t have service at our zip code either.

how does one check zipcodes with current communications?

what are their speeds like?


When I used it before it was faster than what I had with TW. Though, that is completely subjective.

Here is a pricing/bandwidth page: