Hive13 @ the library this saturday--please help!!

Hello Hive members and friends,

This Saturday, Boone County Public Library is holding a “pop-up makerspace” featuring Hive13. The event will run from 1-4 PM and is meant for teens to learn something, make something, and get excited about DIY.

Right now the plan is to bring Marcus’s learn-to-solder workshop and my window garden planter kits. If a few members could bring projects to show off, that would be awesome. If you can volunteer please do so! We’re a 501(c)(3), and this is a great way to give something to the community. Also, an opportunity to advertise Hive to parents.

Specifically looking for:

–2ish volunteers to help with planters

–3ish volunteers to help with learn-to-solder (Marcus? Shadoxx?)

–A volunteer to demonstrate 3D printing

–Anyone willing to bring a project to show off!

–help with setup and cleanup

Sorry this is last minute…the librarian we were initially talking to changed libraries, and the whole thing kinda got away from me…


If I’m not working, I’ll come help. I should know by Friday.

i am a tentative yes… I’ll be down at the hive today a little after work, will get some yarn set up for the planters, let me know what size to cut the cloth for the wick. I can also help prep the planter cups

Thanks guys!

I’ll be down at the hive probably around 8 to work on planters. For the wicks, 2"x8" strips should be good, they don’t have to be exact…


It’s looking like I’m going to have to work Saturday.

We are picking Jordan up from the airport around 1, shoot. And right now I’m in canada, so I can’t do anything else to prepare (like print off copies of the “how to solder” comic).

So I’m not sure if I can make it, though I will try. Someone please take the box of kits to this event, and some of the soldering irons that I’ve been told were already there. The el-cheapo ones I bought for the last event, and other stuff like first aid kits and the like are unfortunately at my house.

I’ll update the list when I know more about my availability.

Hi Marcus,

If you can send me a digital copy or link to the comic, I can print some off.
I was also trying to remember–did we do liability release forms for the soldering?

Are those foamboard displays also at your house?


Yes, I have the displays. I’ll either be able to make it, or will make sure it gets to the hive tomorrow. I think I’ll be able to make it.

We did not do any liability forms. We probably should in this case. At the maker fair, there were always parents around for the little kids.

Whoops, forgot the link.

Boone County Library day is tomorrow!

Myself, Tiffany, Nancy, and Shadoxx are currently confirmed volunteers. There’s been a few “maybes” also. More volunteers would be great! Plan is for 3 tables:

–DIY planters


–3D printer demo (I’ll bring the ultrabot)

Event runs 1-4
Boone County Library main branch
1786 Burlington Pike
Burlington, KY 41005


I’ll be there to help.