Hive13 T-Shirt Proof

This is the proof that I’ve got from CustomInk.

If you want, you can order online using the print. Doing some rough, back of napkin calculations, if we group order, our cost-per-tshirt should be somewhere around $14 (including shipping).

I should have a signup app spun up by the end of the day tomorrow where everyone can sign up if you’d like to be part of the group order that I am placing at the new year.


CustomInk Printed Proof.pdf (223 KB)

Looks cool. What are the icons?

I believe they are: Gears, DNA molecule, spray paint, LED circuit symbol, headphones, and a network connector.

Representing various engineering, tech, and art at the hive!


I want to order one, forgive me if I missed the "how to order"... but how do I order?

Very nice. I will still wear my rev 1.0 t-shirt with full gangsta pride.

PS: Greetings from London!