Hive13 Sumobot @ LVL1

This is a reminder email to everyone that tonight is the LVL1 sumobot tournament and Halloween party. The event starts at 7:00 pm, however it is a little over an hour and a half drive down. The plan is for people that want to carpool down to meet at Hive13 by 5:00 pm and we will leave shortly after that to travel down to the LVL1 hackerspace. I can carry 3 passengers in my car, however I will be heading back to Cincinnati around 10:30 pm since I need to get up early tomorrow.

Craig and I have been working on our sumobot, Mr. Plow. It is mobile now, and does a decent job of staying in the lines at the moment. It drives like a drunken hobo strung out on crack, and has about the same attention span as one.

So the TL;DR

  1. LVL1 Sumobot @ 7:00 pm in Louisville
  2. Carpool leaving Hive13 hackerspace shortly after 5:00 pm.
  3. Our bot is high on hookers and blow.

Very nice! Good luck guys - I wish I could go down there with you. Make sure to record the matches and upload them to YouTube ASAP so we can all celebrate together.


Ya know, I recognize that driving style - do you think it’s more from the hookers or the blow? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like you guys have made some progress - is it far enough along to start attacking wooden blocks and beer bottles yet?

I’m heading down to the hive now to upload some last minute code. With any luck it will be able to target on things in the ring. Last night we were just trying to ensure it would not drive out of the ring on its own. This turned out to be much more challenging than expected. This seems to be mainly do to the wheels…the bot only drives straight at full speed…if you slow down it likes to turn right. We know why but it’s too much of a pain to fix right now. So we decided the solution of always going full speed was acceptable :wink:

We did do a test where we put enough copper BBs in a coffee cup to be 1lb and the bot was able to push it out of the ring fairly easily. So, if it can retain its attention span long enough it should be able to compete… either way it will be fun to watch :stuck_out_tongue:


Heck, I accidently filled the mug up to 1 kg (instead of 1 lb) and it was still able to push it out. Just a note, 1 kg = 2.2 lbs, so our bot can push twice his weight :slight_smile:

Made some last minute tweeks. This is actually w/ just line sensing and some random turning. It’s much better with edge detection and it is very rare that it will drive off (if at all anymore) The sonic sensors in the front still confuse it but it’s getting better. The end of this video demonstrates how you can pick it up to turn it off. It will also automatically turn off if it gets knocked out the ring…so you don’t have to chase it across the floor :wink:

Unfortunately I’m out of time for today but I think it can compete :slight_smile: The coffee mug is filled w/ BBs like before.


Awesome, it looks like it really sobered up in a couple hours.

Way to go guys, this is awesome. HIVE13 rocks!

We actually did suprisingly well. We got 3rd place! We were in contention for 1st in the brackets and would have gotten 2nd but we lost a match during double elimination.

I filmed all the matches and the battle royale at the end. I’ll put all the footage together and post it as soon as I can. It was a lot of fun and we decided in 6 months to host a sumo competition at the hive.


Cool! Good job ya’ll!

And, I was really hoping we would host one of our own.

Thanks for coming down hopefully we all will work out our sensor
problems before the next time.

Congrats to all that participated! We look forward to seeing the video
and having another event at HIVE13 in the future.


Way to go. Great job. It will be a promising future event.