Hive13 Sumobot Competition

I have just secured a date for the Hive13 Sumobot Competition!! We have worked out a time to use the official tournament size boxing ring to host the event! I am working on getting some donations for prizes. I need to do a flyer, blog posting etc, still. But wanted to give everybody a heads up that this WILL be happening and the deadline for the event.

Info we have so far:

Where: Hive13 (Cincinnati Fitness Boxing shares our warehouse)
When: Saturday April 16h, from 6pm-9pm.

We will try to stick with the Unified sumobot rules ( as closely as possible. We will only be doing “mini” style and “autonomous” robots (no RC)

More info to follow! Very excited about this event. The event at LVL1 was a lot of fun so mark it on you calendar now! (I’ve already put a place holder on the Hive13 calendar). I will have a sign up form eventually…


What coincidental timing! I just ‘secured’ the funds I need for making a bot - ordering the parts tomorrow morning!


Hmm, according to those rules the surface needs to be “Melamine or Laminate over wood”, a quick search of McMaster-Carr turned up both types, however the Melamine only came in dark grey and the Laminate largest size was 24x24 (inches) and only comes in brown.

Perhaps we will borrow from the rules from the last bot contest and stick w/ a black vinyl surface.

Sure, we can write up our changes but we should decide early so we can post the rules and people can build similar test arenas if they want to.

Here is the stuff I linked to last time we were planning this:

I think I am going to look into a wooden base.