HIVE13 ShapeOko Project - Post 3 - Second build night, tonight, July 16 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Fellow Hivers,

This is the third (of multiple) posts on this forum Google group on the progress towards our community’s build of this community machine. There are three rules: (1) Be safe (2) Be excellent, and (3) Have fun!

If you were at last night’s meeting, you saw the results from last week’s first build night. Liz and Julien got the motors and electronics functioning in a bench test and the machine structure is now mostly assembled and adjusted to slide smoothly in all three axes.

Tonight (from about 6:00pm to 8:00pm) will be the second of two build nights. The target goal is to get the machine finish built and basically functional to take to the HIVE13 booth at the Detroit Maker Faire July 26-27. Many folks have suggested good add-on ideas; e-stop, 3-D printed cable tracks; guarding, etc. but the mission is to push to have the base machine table-top functional (running at least a marking pen on paper type demo) for Detroit.

All are encouraged to attend and participate. We’re looking to see more folks join in.

Ian, bring your GoPro camera back again and we’ll try again to get a time lapse build video. Marvin, Ryan said he will set up a Google hang-out for tonight.

This is a fun activity and a great activity for the HIVE,


The shapeoko assembly evening is available via google hangout at the usual location.